Top 5 STRANGE Alternative Energy Sources

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Top 5 STRANGE Alternative Energy Sources

Posted by Tyler Knott Gregson in Alternative Energy, Green Living.

In the business of trying to save the planet, nothing is out of bounds, and this is EXACTLY how it should be. What many should/would/could consider weird in any other industry is completely ok, completely normal, and completely in line with doing all we can to better this planet we’re living on. After all, it is the only one we’ve got, right?

That said, while even the weirdest ideas are still saintly, in my humble opinion at least, every now and then you stumble across some very strange methods people have come up with to save the Earth. I just found a pretty awesome article that highlighted the Top 5 Weird Alternative Energy Sources.

I will paraphrase for you and just show you the top 5, but please feel free to head over to the full article and read more about each:

1. Bugs that excrete oil - Yes, they excrete oil after eating agriculture waste. Wow.
2. The Texan rubbish man - He has a machine that converts waste into a crazy bio-fuel he calls Vetroleum that can later be turned into gasoline.
3. Confiscated Booze - How about using the 200,000 gallons of illegal alcohol smuggled into certain countries is being converted to power vehicles.
4. Human Waste - All I can say is, gross, but awesome. Human sewer sludger running diesel engines. Nice.
5. Dirty Diaper Fuel - Yeah, diapers, from landfills. Believe it.

Head over, read up on the 5 weird energy sources, then head back to Northern Tool for a few that while not quite so weird, are amazingly efficient.



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