Friday, July 10, 2009

Synthetic Tree Captures Carbon 1,000 Faster Than Real Trees

Technology / Engineering

( -- Scientists have designed a synthetic tree that traps carbon dioxide from the air in an attempt to combat growing emissions. The device looks less like a tree and more like a small building, ...

Electric Raptor

Raptor: An Electric Car Nearly Anyone Would Want to Drive

Technology / Energy

I love my Prius, it's true. But sometimes, I look at the Dodge Charger (I'm watching Burn Notice this summer) and think, "What a cool car." And when we think of cool cars, it's hard to keep the image of a ...

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality: Science Fiction or Reality? (w/ Video)

Technology / Hi Tech

( -- Computer graphics have come a long way since the birth of Atari Games over 30 years ago. Today, computer graphics seem very real and some day researchers will pull graphics out of your television ...

Creating Denser Magnetic Memory

Physics / General Physics

( -- One of the issues afflicting magnetic memory is the fact that it is difficult to store information for as long as 10 years. In order to overcome this problem, scientists and engineers have been looking for ...

Science journals

How to Spot an Influential Paper Based on its Citations

Physics / General Physics

( -- At first it may seem that the number of citations received by a published scientific paper is directly related to that paper's quality of content. The higher the quality, the more people read ...


Jinni: Semantic Search for Movies

Technology / Internet

( -- One of the most interesting things I have come across over the Internet is the movie search engine Jinni. Can't think of anything to watch tonight? Type in a phrase, and dozens of moves app ...


Dell Planning Pocket Web Gadget

Electronics / Consumer & Gadgets

( -- Dell engineers are in the process of developing a pocket handheld device for browsing the internet. Dell plans on using the Google Inc.'s Android software and may also use chips based on designed ...

HCl dissociation

Scientists Create Smallest Ever Droplet of Acid, Solve Ozone Puzzle

Chemistry / Analytical Chemistry

( -- In its atomic form, chlorine can destroy vast quantities of ozone. But exactly how chlorine is created in the ultracold conditions of the stratosphere has puzzled scientists. Now, a team of ...

ice water

Scientists Observe Liquid Water Below Freezing

Chemistry / Materials Science

( -- Below 0 °C, water turns to ice. But beyond that, or below about -75 °C, the ice may turn back into liquid water. While scientists have previously predicted this phase transition with computer ...

Toshiba's TG01

First Smartphone with 1GHZ Processor (w/ Video)

Electronics / Consumer & Gadgets

( -- Looks like the Apple iPhone 3G S may soon have some serious competition with the soon to be announced, Toshiba TG01 smartphone. The TG01 is expected to be officially announced at the Mobile ...

Space Colony

Galactic Colonization Limited By The Inability To Expand Exponentially

Space & Earth / Astronomy

( -- For more than 50 years, many have taken the so-called Fermi Paradox to indicate that the existence of intelligent alien civilizations is an impossibility. However, a recent re-examination ...

Khatib MEMS

A Glimpse of the Future MEMS-based Storage: Totally Green & Thumbnail Size

Technology / Engineering

The University of Twente--Enschede, The Netherlands published newly conferred PhD Mohammed Ghiath Khatib's thesis, "MEMS-based Storage Devices: Integration in Energy-Constrained Mobile System". The new MEMS, ...


Jatropha Helps Air New Zealand Cut Its CO2 Emissions by More Than 60%

Space & Earth / Environment

Recently, Air New Zealand ran a test flight of a jet plane fueled with a biofuel blend made with jatropha. The results showed a fuel savings of 1.2%, amounting to more than a ton of fuel over the course of ...

Passing cars

Passing cars to generate energy for new UK supermarket

Technology / Energy

A new grocery store in the UK opening today will generate energy every time a customer drives into the parking lot. Sainsbury's, located in Gloucester, is the first European store to feature "Kinetic Road ...

Multi-core ARM Chip Architecture

Multi-core ARM Chips Slated For Smartphones Next Year

Electronics / Hardware

ARM is the chip design company that makes processors for smartphones like the Palm Pre and Apple iPhone 3G. By next year we can expect to see dual-core processors in smartphones, with quad-core to follow sometime ...



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